pots and pans…

I recently got to work on a project with stripedsocks productions. I was given the opportunity to provide the music/soundtrack for an independent film called “The Other Side of Paradise.” I had a blast working on this project. Most of my time was spent in my drafty, wooden-floored room with a mic held together by tape and anything around my house that made noise. When I finally got to hear the music on screen, it kind of made me laugh to be honest. If people only knew that it was all recorded on garage band in a little room with my 86 year old grandmother singing harmonies. The film was accepted to Dallas’ Film Festival and has gone on to screen at festivals in new york, portland, and brooklyn. The soundtrack was also nominated for “best soundtrack” at an independent film festival. I wish i could remember which festival…sorry. You can preview and purchase the soundtrack here on itunes.

harmonies, strings and too many things…

I also play in a indie folk band called “The Fox and The Bird.”
If you don’t like The Bowerbirds, Phosphorescent, Shearwater, Midlake, Peter and the Wolf, Sujfan, Horse Feathers, or Fleet Foxes, you probably won’t like us.

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