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I got the opportunity to develop an illustrated character advertising a new job position for BlockBuster. Started with a sketch and ended up with this guy…thank you CS5.

An up and coming mountain gear company out of Colorado is beginning their branding. Excited to be a part of it.

RITE OF SPRING FLING concept for concert poster for SPUNE.COM

Poster for Doug Burr with The Fox and The Bird

I’ve got saw dust for lungs. I’ve got wood-stained hands. I have a piece of my finger missing. I’ve learned that shalack finishing for wood comes from the droppings of the “shalack bug.” I’ve made friends with Dusty at Home Depot. I’ve finally finished carving my first handmade tobacco pipe. ¬†Hopefully the soon to be owner will be pleased.

*Let me know if you would like one for your own or as a gift. Lets talk…


Album Artwork for JOE MORALEZ

I honestly hadn’t been feeling too swell about myself lately when it came to creativity. I feel like this kind of gave me a boost. I am happy how it ended up. Joe is one of the more artistically minded persons I know. That made it a little more difficult for me to settle on an idea. W.W.J.D.(What Would Joe Do). Thats pretty much how i thought for a while. He gave me free reign on this and basically just told me do what you want. I am happy. Cry + Smile + Reminisce = Joe Moralez “if i could”

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Album Artwork for JON-PAUL TALLEY
I had a great time on this one as well. Love how it ended up. Great musician…If you like geometry, connect 4 and a long stretch of highway, then you will enjoy this album. I’m serious.

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Album Artwork for JON MEYER
One of my favorites to work on recently. It was challenging. Great singer songwriter who’s music is artistic, creative but has a simplicity and appeal to all types and ages. That needed to be interpreted through the artwork and I feel like I ended up successful.

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Album Artwork for JOURDAN BURKS

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